Snow! Snow! Go Away!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014
 photo SnowInNewJersey1_zpsfdaeda5b.jpg

We are getting very, very tired of the excessive amounts of snow in New Jersey. 

While it is very pretty, and the trees look beautiful, and I don’t mind a snowfall or two, this is excessive. It is also getting on our last nerves. The snow seems to come every few days and just lands on top of what is already there. The previous snows haven’t melted because it has been too cold.

The last 3 years have been rough weather-wise in New Jersey: from Snowtober to Irene to Sandy, and now a ridiculous winter. Enough already!!!

I admit it. I am not a winter kind of girl. If winter would just keep its place, and just be around for January and then GO AWAY!!!

Yes, I am being all Grumpy Cat about it.

I want spring!!! I want cherry blossoms!!! I want tulips!!!

As you can see, the poor little trees below are tired of the snow, too.

 photo SnowInNewJersey2_zps0f3b0ff7.jpg

 photo SnowInNewJersey3_zps61d67060.jpg

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Have a wonderful week!



  1. I am SO over this weather! Bring on spring!

  2. There has been so much snow back east! We are used to it here in Colorado.

    1. Colorado is beautiful. I spent a few days there a few years ago.

  3. Trees are actually getting tired of all the snow too.....
    JM Illinois

  4. We haven't had quite as much snow as the east coast, but I am extremely tired of the excessive cold and below-freezing temps.
    My WW

  5. It looks nice but too much is tiring it looks quite eerie in a strange way ;-)

    Have a snowtastic rest of week ;-)

  6. It will soon go away! oh hello spring :)

  7. You have no idea..... and the cold...
    Although, I must say that today feels like spring here. I'm sure winter will be back soon.

  8. Yeah, the snow here in SEPA has reconfigured parking for our whole block!

  9. Surely the cherry blossoms are about to bloom in Branch Brook Park. I need my pictures of the park I loved as a child. (mid fifties). You keep my New Jersey memories alive as I enjoy them in Florida. Please try to get to Waterloo Village in the warmer months. I have many happy memories there (and a few antiques). We had many a class trip to Waterloo Village during the mid eighties from my son's class trips from Kinnelon. Also Menlo Park, Edison's museum. New Jersey is so rich in history. Thank you for sharing it.

    1. The cherry blossoms are back! Photos will be up soon!


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