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Snow! Snow! Go Away!

We are getting very, very tired of the excessive amounts of snow in New Jersey.  While it is very pretty, and the trees look beautiful, and I don’t mind a snowfall or two, this is excessive. It is also getting on our last nerves. The snow seems to come every few days and just lands on top of what is already there. The previous snows haven’t melted because it has been too cold.

Offbeat Places in New Jersey #1: Shop-Rite in West Caldwell

The ShopRite supermarket in West Caldwell, New Jersey is unique.  First of all, it must be an old ShopRite, because it still has the hyphen in the name.

The Super Bowl Is In New Jersey!

I love New York! I really do! It is my favorite large city.  I've spent a great time in NYC in my life, and I love it.  But despite what the NFL and the City of New York are trying to do, The Super Bowl is in New Jersey!