The Calm Before the Storm?

Sunday, October 28, 2012
 photo EdgemontPark1_zps0om3wsts.jpg

Hurricane Sandy is supposed to strike New Jersey tomorrow. It remains to be seen how much damage it causes. Last year we had two bad storms - Irene and the freak snowstorm in October. During Irene, there was massive flooding throughout New Jersey. During the snowstorm, we lost power for almost a week and many trees were destroyed.

This afternoon I took a brief walk in chilly Edgemont Park in Montclair. These photos were taken with my smartphone. How many of these trees will survive? 
 photo EdgemontPark2_zpsmh2rzxb8.jpg

Children were playing sports in the back of the park, despite the chilly, cloudy weather (there is a school directly behind the park).

 photo EdgemontPark3_zpswitftsau.jpg

New Jersey is preparing for a really bad storm, especially the beautiful New Jersey shore. Perhaps the storm will lose its massive power before it hits. Hopefully, we'll make it through relatively unscathed.



  1. I am not looking forward to this! My kids don't have school tomorrow or Tuesday as I am sure is the same situation in the rest of the state! We still have a lot of leaves on our trees so I hope they don't get destroyed. At least it won't be snow and ice like last year! Let's keep our fingers crossed that the storm will lose intensity!
    Stay safe - Shelley

    1. I'm not looking forward to it either. I hope we don't lose electricity -- we lost all the food in our fridge last year.

  2. I am watching from down South. I consider the Jersey Shore my sencond home, my granhparents lived there and grew up on Point Pleasant Beach/ Ocean Grove. Such a beautiful place.
    I am keeping the Garden State in my prayers!

    1. The Jersey shore is beautiful. Thank you for your kind thoughts!

  3. Hope you made it through the storm safely. We had lots of rain in DC, but nothing like what I saw on the news happening in Jersey and NY.

    1. I made it through safely. We lost power for several days and all the food in the refrigerator, but fortunately no other problems.


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