Making A TV Commercial In Montclair

Tuesday, October 16, 2012
 photo TVCommercialInMontclair3_zpsi66abluv.jpg

Recently my husband and I were walking on Church Street, our favorite place in Montclair. Many film and television shows have been filmed in Montclair over the years, and on this day we were pleasantly surprised to see a television crew filming a McDonald's commercial. 

A local shop had been temporarily "converted" to a McDonald's by adding the famous "golden arches" to the awning and the windows. 

Unfortunately, I did not bring my camera with me (I certainly would have if I'd known I was going to see a commercial being made), but I did have my smartphone and took these pictures. Of course, the quality of the photos is not as good as they are with a regular camera. 

 photo TVCommercialInMontclair_zpscc3jfdlo.jpg

 photo TVCommercialInMontclair2_zps0bk1fpxt.jpg

 photo TVCommercialInMontclair4_zpsoybgnwmc.jpg

 photo TVCommercialInMontclair5_zpsb34mdzen.jpg
 photo TVCommercialInMontclair6_zps0p8aqtlk.jpg
 photo TVCommercialInMontclair7_zpswetafdoj.jpg
 photo TVCommercialInMontclair8_zps2gbk9zjv.jpg

I also tried shooting some video for the very first time with my smartphone. It's not very good, but if you look closely on the right side of the second and third videos you might see a man juggling while riding a unicycle. 

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