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Saturday, December 24, 2011

For many years Channel 11, WPIX in New York City (one of the oldest TV stations in the country), would present the "Yule Log" on Christmas Eve. While the Yule Log burned, Christmas carols would play. Now my childhood home did have a fireplace, but there was something about the Yule Log on Channel 11 that made us happy. It became a New York area tradition. I hope you enjoy it! This particular Yule Log was shown in 1983.

After a few years off the air, the Yule Log was restored back to Channel 11 a few years ago, and now is seen on many stations around the country.

There is, of course, a fan website devoted to The Yule Log.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wordish Wednesday: Gingerbread Wonderland!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
 photo GWLighthouse_zpsfe955a2b.jpg

Recently the Frelinghuysen Arboretum celebrated their 20th annual Gingerbread Wonderland. Participants created displays made almost entirely of gingerbread and candies. Throughout the week, visitors voted for their favorites and there were three "winners", although everyone who participated showed great creativity!

The first photo below is a Monopoly set made out of gingerbread. Very appropriate, since the classic Monopoly set is based on Atlantic City, New Jersey.

 photo GWMonopoly_zps3a548790.jpg

The iconic Cape May Lighthouse:

 photo GWCapeMayLighthouse_zps8ba0640c.jpg


 photo GWHedgehogs_zpsf33ae370.jpg

Log Cabin:

 photo GWLogCabin_zpsa11dd20f.jpg

iPhone with apps:

 photo GWiPhone_zpsc019893f.jpg

Here are some classic gingerbread houses:

 photo GWGingerbreadHouses_zps0010f0ad.jpg

 photo GWGingerbreadHouses2_zpsb0d361cc.jpg

 photo GWGingerbreadHouses3_zps0e31fbfe.jpg

 photo GWGingerbreadHouses4_zps734a7813.jpg

 photo GWGingerbreadHouses5_zps30726180.jpg

House of Cards:

 photo GWHouseOfCards_zps030097e5.jpg

I love the Gingerbread Man!


 photo GWGingerbreadMan_zpsb2d47f7e.jpg

Snoopy's Doghouse:

 photo GWSnoopysDoghouse_zpse720cf73.jpg

A beautiful building:

 photo GWPavilion_zps6b4768e4.jpg

Girls Around the World (many entries were from Girl Scout Troops):

 photo GWGirlsAroundTheWorld_zpsa72ca5ef.jpg

A September 11th Tribute:

 photo GWTroop13Remembers_zps9ad06e08.jpg

Which entries won the hearts of visitors?

Here are the winners of the People's Choice Contest! 

I had a feeling I knew which one would win, because I heard many people discussing how much they liked it. It's classically New Jersey with the lighthouse and the wonderful beach, and it obviously took many hours to create, including all the figures on the beach and in the sea. I was right!

First prize:

"A Day At The Beach." 

 photo GWADayAtTheBeach_zps2d5ef9ff.jpg

Second Prize:

"The Nutcracker"

 photo GWNutcracker_zps1b250ce9.jpg

Third Prize:

"The Birdhouse"

 photo GWTroop1200_zps4cc9b4b9.jpg
For more about Frelinghuysen Arboretum and the Gingerbread Wonderland, including photos of all the wonderful entries, click here.

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Have a wonderful week!

Wordish Wednesday: Christmas At Kips Castle

Tuesday, December 13, 2011
 photo KipsCastleChristmasTree1_zpsa5b0f7d9.jpg

Several months ago I wrote about Kip's Castle, which is located in parts of both Verona (8 acres) and Montclair, New Jersey (2 acres).

Frederic Ellsworth Kip was a wealthy man who had his home constructed to look like a Norman castle. In the 1980's it was inhabited by a weird religious cult.

The property is now part of the New Jersey Green Acres program and is an Essex County Park. Anyone can stroll around the grounds from dawn until dusk, although the interiors are usually prohibited. Occasionally the castle is open for special events, especially during the holiday season. 

The castle is beautifully decorated with TWO Christmas trees and is obviously lovingly maintained. When you walk around the balcony and look out the windows and also walk around the grounds, you do feel as if you're in a castle.
 photo KipsCastleDiningRoom1_zps4a079b72.jpg

 photo KipsCastleDiningRoom2_zpsc0c2be72.jpg

 photo KipsCastleChristmasTree2_zpsb302a781.jpg

 photo KipsCastleChess_zps57e24bed.jpg

 photo KipsCastleSittingRoom1_zps6241f7dd.jpg

 photo KipsCastleStainedGlassWindows_zps58b1152e.jpg

 photo KipsCastleSantaTrain_zps5eff2de3.jpg

 photo KipsCastleFireplace_zpsdf25ab55.jpg

 photo KipsCastleBalcony1_zpsad13bd98.jpg

 photo KipsCastleBalcony2_zps93582125.jpg

 photo KipsCastleStoneWall_zpsa1d88672.jpg

 photo KipsCastleBack_zps374ad4e2.jpg

I originally wrote about Kips Castle here.

You can read more about Kips Castle:


Discover A Landmark Treasure (.pdf)

The New York Times (written when the cult was in the castle)

Dumont Castle/Kips Castle

The Kips Castle Parks Conservancy

Lost In New Jersey (written before the castle was restored -- photos are missing in the interesting article)

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Have a wonderful week! 

Wordish/OutdoorWednesday: Former Nike Base Becomes Art Park!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011
 photo RikerHillArtPark14_zps959893be.jpg

During the Cold War between the U.S. and the Soviet Union during the 1950's and 1960's, there were multiple Nike Missile sites in the U.S., including several in New Jersey.

As the cold war started to fade in the 1970's, several of these Nike bases were abandoned. In 1974 the federal government sold the one in Livingston to the county for $1.00. Interestingly, instead of building condos or strip malls upon it (which is what would happen today), the county came up with a unique idea: convert the former missile base into art studios at greatly reduced rents to artists.

Artists at Riker Hill work in a rustic and rather wild looking place, dotted with tall grass and wildflowers (apparently artists do not like to mow anything). It's not particularly beautiful but rather certainly different.

We visited there in May and took these photos. I didn't see any artists, but they were probably inside the buildings. I didn't want to disturb them. There are rather unusual metal sculptures and also remnants of the former Army base are still around, as seen in the very last photo.

They have open houses every year when you can meet the artists and purchase art, but I always forget about them or else they are on days that I cannot be there. Hopefully, next year.

 photo RikerHillArtPark5_zps9b08b5df.jpg

 photo RikerHillArtPark1_zps0cd746e4.jpg

 photo RikerHillArtPark12_zps2afe8d0e.jpg

 photo RikerHillArtPark13_zps44d9e550.jpg

 photo RikerHillArtPark2_zps51ce27f3.jpg

 photo RikerHillArtPark3_zps2c789526.jpg

 photo RikerHillArtPark4_zpsfc3c5725.jpg

 photo RikerHillArtPark10_zps8613a286.jpg

 photo RikerHillArtPark11_zps76895b17.jpg

 photo RikerHillArtPark6_zps649086a9.jpg

 photo RikerHillArtPark7_zpsc202093a.jpg

 photo RikerHillArtPark8_zps1e55f94a.jpg

 photo RikerHillArtPark9_zps2c045a9e.jpg

You can read more about the former Nike bases here, here, and here.

Weird NJ wrote about the Nike bases here.

You can read about Riker Hill Art Park here.

You can see one artist's sketches done at Riker here.

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