'Tis The Season!

Monday, November 21, 2011
The holidays are coming up and that means . . . food! Thanksgiving is a feast of gluttony, and then there are the holiday parties and Christmas!
I found a handy gadget on About.com to figure out how many calories there are in a Thanksgiving dinner. Try it out and you will be surprised.

I have heard that the average woman gains TEN POUNDS between Thanksgiving and New Years!

A few months ago I weighed 108 pounds, the most I have ever weighed. (Don’t hate me – I am very small boned). I now weigh 121 pounds. Why? Well, I’d like to blame it all on menopause but the truth is out – I eat too much and exercise too little, even with a gym membership. I hadn’t gone in weeks.

This is not just about aesthetics. I look quite thin and no one would know about the flab on my stomach, because I wear clothes designed to camouflage my stomach. Physically, I feel very uncomfortable – almost all of the fat I have gained is on my stomach. I know this is not good for me – my father died of a heart attack and he also had diabetes, and my mother had high blood pressure – so I have to do something.

First of all, my boyfriend Mark likes to freebase cheeseburgers. I mean it – he really needs an intervention. McDonald’s is his second home. Now we all know that fast food is cheap. But it is NOT cheap if you eat it almost every day. Even if you only choose “dollar menu” items – five dollars a day really adds up.

Besides, the true costs of an unhealthy diet will become obvious in future years when we start to struggle with our health and possibly die young. That is the real cost of slothful living.

I finally put my (heavy) foot down. We are not eating out anymore! We are not going to be lazy. We are going to make inexpensive and healthy foods at home. Some people have told me that it is expensive to buy fruits and veggies – but it really isn’t. You just don’t buy cookies, cakes, chips, butter, and sugary sodas and buy healthy foods instead. I call it the “Replacement Diet”. Every time I want chocolate, I will eat fruit. I eat healthy cereals with fruit for breakfast instead of buttered toast. I will eat a salad or veggies or yogurt for lunch instead of a grilled cheese sandwich. I will start substituting ice water for the other beverages I consume.

I will start this diet for dinner tonight.

Diet today:

Breakfast – homemade banana bread (so good and easy to make)
Lunch – French toast with syrup
Dinner – Yogurt (started the diet)
Liquids: Snapple Peach Diet Iced Tea, coffee, and Coke Zero.

Tomorrow: Water will be added and will gradually replace the other liquids.

I also went to the gym. I hadn’t been in weeks and was totally out of shape. I have to get back to regular exercise. I can’t use machines that are high impact because I injured my foot recently. But I can use most of the machines, swim in the pool, and do weight-training.

Exercise Today:
Exercise bike - 15 minutes.
Rowing machine – 5 minutes.
Stairmaster –2 minutes. Elliptical machines are my enemy. It’s just not a natural movement for me. But I refuse to let them defeat me!

I want to be one of the few people in America not to gain weight during the holiday season – possibly even lose weight. Actually, it’s not the weight that bothers me, it’s the fat. If I weighed the same but it was all muscle it wouldn’t bother me at all.


  1. Oh wow, 10 pounds!? That is one thingI do NOT look forward to with the holidays. But who can resist the food? haha.

  2. The food is so delicious! But it's all about balance and being careful.

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