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Sunday, November 6, 2011

After several days of no electricity or intermittent electricity, we finally got it back on Thursday! We spent several days cleaning up. We had to throw out ALL the food in the fridge. Slowly we are buying food. It's a real financial hit but what can you do?

I took the opportunity to totally clean the fridge by pulling it away from the wall and washing the floor and vacuuming the back of the fridge. It was already defrosted! It was sad to fill up garbage bags full of rotten food.

However, the FIRST thing I did when the electricity came back was to take a HOT shower!

First we had Hurricane Irene, and now Snowtober! I'm looking forward to nice weather these next few days!

We spent yesterday in Sergeantsville, NJ, to participate in Thanksgiving in the Country! This was something we had planned for a long time and it was wonderful. The weather was glorious -- fall at its best. The organizers were lucky that this weekend had such perfect weather. If it had been planned for last weekend, it would have been a disaster! I will have photos up this week from this event!

Here are some photos I took today -- more than a week after the storm -- of downed trees and wires in Cedar Grove, New Jersey. It will take weeks to clean up. Thousands of trees are down. You can hear the electric saws gearing up very early in the morning to start working on the trees in every town.

Meanwhile, two workers were trapped at the top of a Morristown steeple while working there!


  1. hey there.  feels so good to be back on line doesn't it?  when we 'fled' our house last Sunday we packed 3 coolers worth of food and took it to my parents house.  I had recently done a big food shopping and didn't want to lose it.  Somehow we got it to fit in my mom's freezer and managed to salvage it all.  sorry you're stuck having to re-stock.
    My husband worked like a DOG all weekend cutting branches and clearing our property. E and I were out there yesterday too.  Whole thing was just unreal.

  2. wow, we lost our electric for like a day during the hurricane and I was beside myself. longer and I would have driven to work to shower...we have a back up gas generator there!

  3. Unfortunately all the people we knew were also without power. I'm glad that you didn't lose your food!

    It really was a freak storm, considering how beautiful the day before and the day after were.

  4. I suppose I could have gone to my gym to shower -- but it never occurred to me at the time.


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