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Wordish/Outdoor Wednesday: Thanksgiving in the Country, Part II

Thanksgiving in the Country House Tour 2011, Sergeantsville, NJ Last week I showed you some photos of our time at Thanksgiving in the Country , held in Sergeantsville , New Jersey (part of Delaware Township ). The house tours were fascinating, and here are some more photos. Unfortunately I could not take pictures inside the houses (these are private properties), but I tried to take as many as I could outside.

Wordish/Outdoor Wednesday: Thanksgiving In The Country, Part I

Sergeantsville, NJ Post Office For the last 38 years Sergeantsville, NJ has hosted Thanksgiving In The Country. This is a tour of interesting houses and places in the surrounding countryside. The proceeds benefit the Cleft Palate Unit of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Down For The Count!

After several days of no electricity or intermittent electricity, we finally got it back on Thursday! We spent several days cleaning up. We had to throw out ALL the food in the fridge. Slowly we are buying food. It's a real financial hit but what can you do?