Wordless Wednesday #14: Spunky the Tinsel Cat!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

These are 1997 photos -- Polaroids, believe it or not, of my dear cat, Spunky. Now these are photos of him "posing" as the Easter Bunny. Yes, it's true. I made him do that. The things we do with our beloved pets! Fortunately, Spunky was the most easy-going cat I've ever known, and I've been "owned" by many cats over the years.

Why am I posting a photo of Spunky at Eastertime when it is almost Christmas? Well, one year Spunky "celebrated" Christmas in an unusual way. I DON'T have photos of THAT.

One day Spunky walked by me and I noticed something unusual. There seemed to be a silver string of some sort hanging from his leg and dragging behind him on the floor. I gently pulled on it to remove it from his leg. It didn't budge. Puzzled, I inspected his leg and gently lifted his tail to see where this mysterious string was coming from. Upon further inspection it became apparent that it was the "icicle tinsel" that we hang on Christmas trees.

It also became apparent that the tinsel was coming of his . . . his butt. It was obvious that he had found the tinsel (by breaking into the closet where it was stored -- it was not yet Christmas), EATEN it, and it was coming out the other end -- whole. Somehow it didn't break down somewhere inside and just came out naturally. It was even silver coming out -- but since Spunky was a silver-gray cat it matched his fur!
I was worried that he would be sick but apparently it didn't bother him at all. Spunky being Spunky, he just went his happy-go-lucky way and didn't even notice it. You would think he would have noticed it when he went to the litter box, but no! This was just a cat who was always deliriously happy. He did like sniffing catnip.

I've since heard that it can do damage to the intestines of a cat or dog and that I should have taken him to the vet to have him examined.

My mother told a friend of hers who told her entire church congregation. Apparently they all really enjoyed the story.

I trimmed the tinsel coming out of him so that it wouldn't drag on the floor. I also stored it away more careful so that criminal mastermind wouldn't break into the closet where it was stored. I was also very careful never to put tinsel on the tree again -- as long as Spunky was alive. He lived to be 17 years old.

Spunky was a wonderful friend . . . but he did call the police one day when I was at home with him. Really, he did. But that's a story for another day . . .

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Merry Christmas everybody!


  1. Merry Christmas - I enjoyed reading about Spunky and hope you'll stop by and meet Tsunami's new friend!

    Your tinsel story reminds me of my cat Sampson. One year I was horrified to come home to find him walking around with a string hanging from his butt. While I was out, he had climbed into the trashcan and dug out the string that had been wrapped around a stuffed pork roast and apparently feasted in our absence! I was SO scared but thankfully he was fine!


  2. It's amazing the things that cats will eat! Sampson must have still tasted the pork roast on the string.

    I'm not sure why the tinsel tasted so good. Spunky did it at least twice!

  3. Sometimes wordless doesn't work. That story was purrfect!
    Happy Holidays!

  4. Thanks for sharing your Spunky story last Wordful Wednesday. Someone should call the police on me for taking so long to get around to these links! Next year will be better, promise!

  5. the first year I had a cat the exact same thing happen.
    the last year I had tinsel and a cat at the same time...
    but no, it did not seem to hurt it but it was rather odd...lol

  6. Thank you! I am rarely wordless . . . just ask my boyfriend.

  7. Don't worry, I take a long time, too. The holidays are so busy.

  8. I guess they didn't eat enough to hurt them.

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