Wordless Wednesday #9 -- Greenville, PA

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I was in rural Greenville, Pennsylvania (not far from the Ohio border) a few months ago. These small country towns look almost unchanged in some aspects as they did many years ago.

If I Photoshop the first photo below and make it black and white, it looks like the photo was taken 50 or more years ago:

I love using Photoshop, although I'm still a relative newbie. I took the photo below, which was taken at a distance, and in color:

Then I cropped the photo, showing only the logs, resized the cropped part and made it black and white:

A little blurry, but I'm still learning . . .


  1. Photoshop is very expensive, but if you do a lot of photography, it is worth it. There is also a free version of it at Photoshop.com, but of course it is not a full version of the product. Adobe makes the best software (I love to make Adobe PDF's of my blog!)

  2. You can take a picture of ANY place in PA and it'll look like you took it 50 years ago. The state hasn't changed in over 100. But you have to give them credit for keeping someone of the landscape unspoiled by developers. I wish their attitude would come into the 22nd century.

  3. Love your shots, especially the black and white! You're right, you can't tell what era it's from! Can just picture a horse and cart coming down the road. Nothing like it, something to be said for rural places!

  4. of course, a little blurry makes it really look old!

  5. I wanna learn how to edit picture

  6. I love driving through rural towns. I used to live in PA but in the Pocono Mts. so we had some really small towns. I think you did a great job with Photoshop. I use Picnik and am still learning too.

  7. very nice. I love small, rural roads and the B&W does change the look.

  8. TheponderingprincessJanuary 10, 2011 at 6:43 PM

    great shots!!!

    Happy WW!!!

    if you get the chance and wanna laugh stop by today


  9. That's why parts of PA are so charming. The part of North Jersey where I live hardly has any green spaces left except for county parks. They are obsessed with building on any available piece of land. I hope soon to travel to parts of Jersey that are more rural and take pictures of fall foliage.

  10. It's so peaceful to see nothing but grass and trees around.

  11. There is a long learning curve with Photoshop.

  12. If you don't have full-fledged Photoshop I think you can do it for free on Photoshop.com, Picnik.com, Photobucket.com, and Picasa.com.


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