Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween everybody!

Last year at this time few people were reading this blog, which was just as well, because I was new at blogging and had a lot to learn!

I wrote four posts called "Haunted Hospitals" about abandoned hospitals in New Jersey. I was using a totally different camera at the time, an ancient Advantix camera that had been sitting unused for years! The photos were not of the best quality, and I wasn't a very good photographer. In one photo you can clearly see my thumb!

I now use a 35mm film camera. That's right, film. The photos are much better, and I am a better photographer. Sometimes I will use my cell-phone camera when I have nothing else. I hope to be able to buy a real digital camera soon!

Anyway, in honor of Halloween, I thought that you might be interested in my old "Haunted Hospitals" posts. Click
HERE to read them!

By the way, the hospital in Cedar Grove has yet to be torn down, although that should happen very soon.


  1. Following you back. I have never been up NJ but looking at these pictures really makes me wanna take a trip that way. Think I'm goin to have ot save money up to come see this gorgeous place during the fall that is.

  2. There are many beautiful places in New Jersey. Of course the fall is gorgeous. It's just so short.

  3. I recently drove by this old Hospital. My friend and I took some pictures. I got some faces and shadows of people on most of my pictures. I would like to post them but dont know how.

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