Restaurant Review: Pilgrim Diner in Cedar Grove, New Jersey

Saturday, October 2, 2010

There is nothing more New Jerseyan than diners. We are the diner capital of the world! We love them, and the best ones serve delicious comfort food 24 hours a day.
One of our favorite diners is The Pilgrim Diner on Route 23 (Pompton Avenue) in Cedar Grove. The food, for the most part, is excellent.

In the photo above you see the scrumptious Tropical Fruit Waffle covered with strawberries, bananas and peaches and adorned with whipped cream! It is quite delicious. The bananas and strawberries were great, but the peaches seemed like the canned variety, which is probably why there were more peach slices than anything else. But it tastes delicious. Yes, I did add syrup, which makes it a little sweet, but not too sweet.

My companion had scrambled eggs with Taylor ham, which automatically comes with potatoes, and toast with butter and jelly. He loved it.


My favorite diner food is breakfast food, and so I have also ordered the French toast, which I think are delicious but has a bit too much vanilla, which combined with syrup makes it a bit too sweet for me. But that's just my personal taste.

We have also thoroughly enjoyed the Mets Burgers (even though we are loyal Yankees fans!). This huge burger comes with blue cheese. It is just great. We have also enjoyed the Philly cheesesteak, which was great. The fries are delicious, too.

The menu is quite clever, with cute titles for some of the food -- with all wrap sandwiches named after rappers (i.e. The Queen Latifah), and chicken sandwiches named after famous "chix" -- glamorous movie stars.

As for the service, well, sometimes we have very attentive servers and other times they are quite indifferent.

Anyway, I heartily recommend this popular diner. The portions are huge (take some home!) and it tastes great. Just know that if you eat here late at night you'll have to do some heavy exercising the next day!

By the way, this a "diner-restaurant", and they serve liquor, although most people don't seem to indulge. Some of the customers, especially late at night, look like they come here AFTER the party.

Disclosure: The food was paid for by a friend. I did not receive any compensation, including food, from The Pilgrim Diner. 

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