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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All right, I've never been to Hawaii (I wish). One of my favorite old shows is Hawaii Five-O which I was watching on Hulu on my computer during my enforced sabbatical from television (see my May 18th post: A Year Without Television). One of the most famous parts of that show was the iconic theme show and opening credits, as you can see above.
My favorite part is the zoom in on Jack Lord. The opening credits create a sense of urgency. You want to watch the show that follows. Fortunately the whole show is terrific-- I mean, it's not just a great theme song!

Now that I have TV, I keep seeing promos for the new, updated Hawaii Five-O this fall (CBS is already promoting the show, although it doesn't start until September, I think). My boyfriend asked me if they would keep the theme song, and I said that I heard it during the commercial, but I assumed that there would be shorter opening credits, as is the norm now.

I was right. Here it is:

They have a rolling wave! Notice they do a half-hearted zoom in on Alex O'Loughlin? The credits go by really fast, but I'm glad they put the names under the actors' faces, so that we know who they are. I mean you really don't see that very much nowadays. The theme is a little too computerized for me, though.

I had a crush on James MacArthur (book 'em Danno!) from the old show (and he was a Harvard man, too, in addition to being cute). I hope there are some new crushes on the new show! I also hope that the show is GOOD. As good as the old show? Probably not. But I hope it is good enough.

Here are some clips from the opening show and cast and crew interviews from the new series:

Be there! Aloha! 


  1. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. The opening credits that you see now are for the pilot. Things will most likely change, but not the theme song itself. What we're hearing now, again, is just for the pilot. I hope to hear a better version when the series actually begins this Fall. The ensemble cast work very well...some excellent actors.
    P.S. I'm from Jersey, too.

  2. @Pam -- can't wait to see the show this fall!

  3. My fiance and I want to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon....and that's about the extent of my Hawaii knowledge, haha.

    Found you on SITS and hope you have a great day!

  4. @Amy -- thanks for stopping by!

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day. I'm at the age when I want to ignore my birthdays. But you're young enough to want to celebrate! Party on!

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