Watching the Hawks in Montclair, Part 1

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Watch the hawk making lazy circles in the sky!

With the words to the song "Oklahoma" running through my head, I decided to watch the hawks at the Fall Hawk Watch in Montclair. 

The Hawk Watch is the second oldest one in the country. I thought it would be an interesting and different -- not to mention a free -- thing to do. My boyfriend and I went to Edgecliff Road which appeared to be almost deserted.

We simply could not find the Hawk Watch entrance and finally we saw a passing runner who showed us the way. It turned out that the entrance was not marked.

We walked through the entrance and walked into the woods.

We then came to the steps to lead to the Hawk Watch. These steps are not for the out-of-shape or for those afraid of heights. The first set of steps have no handrails.

We then walked up a second set of steps -- this time with handrails -- and saw the first Hawk Watch sign, which was somewhat obscured by a fence.

We finally got to the top! The views are beautiful!

It's hard to tell from this picture, but that's New York City in the distance! I believe that middle group of buildings is Montclair State University.

Some more views:

The Hawk Watch is located on a cliff on basalt ridges of the First Watchung Mountain.

We did see one hawk, but it was not a good day for hawk-watching. We were told that the wind was going in the wrong direction.

Very disappointing, so I vowed to come back another day, when the winds were blowing in the right direction and the scenery was more colorful.

We then proceeded to leave. I found out quickly that going down was much more scary then going up, because you're actually seeing how steep it is.

We'll be back!

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