Strolling Through Upper Montclair

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Upper Montclair is sometimes forgotten because it is not part of the downtown Montclair business district. But Upper Montclair is like a little village all by itself. Above is the beautiful Bellevue Theatre on Bellevue Avenue.
What I like about Upper Montclair village is the way many of the shops (at least the ones near Valley Road) have a Tudor look. Not only is this pretty, invoking an English village, but because it makes all the buildings seem to work together, instead of being a jumble of different designs. I also like that not all of the shops are chain stores, but small town merchants. Old fashioned shops with a modern twist.

Montclair Stationery:

Paper Boutique:

Here are some typical Upper Montclair streets. There are many beautiful houses and buildings here with many trees.

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