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Conan O'Brien and Cory Booker "Feud" Over Newark

As you probably know, Conan O'Brien has made jokes about Newark, NJ and Newark Mayor Cory Booker has had to respond. This is a video from the Larry King Show on CNN : So what do you think?

Newark Doctor to Pay Medical School Tuition for 12 Students

Part of the problems plaguing our cities and other poor areas is lack of access to medical services. When medical students graduate, they are often so burdened with debt that they want to make as much money as possible to pay their college and medical school debts. A New Jersey physician has decided to change that.

Newark Beats Out Montclair for Poetry Festival

Newark, New Jersey has beaten out Montclair, New Jersey to host the 2010 Dodge Poetry Festival. This is ironic, because the Dodge Foundation had originally canceled the festival because of the expense.