Thursday, July 24, 2014

James Garner R.I.P. 1928-2014

I grew up watching James Garner on The Rockford Files. The part was tailor made for his personality, and still enjoyable to watch to this day.

I also have fond memories of the Polaroid commercials James Garner made , some with Mariette Hartley, as in this 1978 commercial. 

I had that camera. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Howell Living History Farm

 photo HowellLivingHistoryFarm11_zps5322e4ba.jpg

Howell Living History Farm is a working farm museum located in Mercer County, New Jersey, near the Delaware River. 

The farm shows visitors what farm life was like over 100 years ago. It is a simply wonderful place to take the whole family, and basic admission and parking are free! Some special programs may have a small fee.

There are evening hayrides, "bringing in the sheaves", corn mazes in the fall, wheat threshing, cricket walks, honey harvests and farm animals. Children may also work as farmhands!

The farm is open year-round, but please check the calendar because the farm is closed on certain days, especially on the days of evening hayrides.

If you plan to visit, the farm is technically located on Hunter Lane, Titusville, New Jersey.

The GPS address is 70 Woodens Lane, Lambertville, New Jersey.

Their website is found at Howell Living History Farm.

The is an excellent write-up of this farm on one of my favorite blogs, The History Girl.

 photo HowellLivingHistoryFarm5_zps84176da5.jpg
 photo HowellLivingHistoryFarm4_zps1d4a2dd6.jpg
 photo HowellLivingHistoryFarm13_zps13e7fcfc.jpg
 photo HowellLivingHistoryFarm12_zpse8311dff.jpg
 photo HowellLivingHistoryFarm9_zps558610d7.jpg
 photo HowellLivingHistoryFarm8_zpsb78bb417.jpg
 photo HowellLivingHistoryFarm7_zps80bd919c.jpg
 photo HowellLivingHistoryFarm2_zps6ae1bdf4.jpg
 photo HowellLivingHistoryFarm6_zps065707df.jpg
 photo HowellLivingHistoryFarm3_zps723ea588.jpg
 photo HowellLivingHistoryFarm10_zps1dcbfc12.jpg
 photo HowellLivingHistoryFarm1_zps51dc92d9.jpg
 photo HowellLivingHistoryFarm14_zps9671d227.jpg

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Monday, July 21, 2014

The Buzz Aldrin Rock

 photo BuzzAldrinRock1_zps9cc691ae.jpg

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first two men to walk on the moon. Yesterday marked the 45th anniversary of that historic feat.

Buzz was from Montclair, New Jersey, and he had attended the township schools and is probably the most famous graduate of Montclair High School (which has many distinguished graduates).

His mother's maiden name was Marion Moon. Yes, Moon. If you don't believe me, you can read this article about Buzz where he swears it's the truth.

The town was wildly proud of him, and in September of that year they threw a "Buzz Aldrin Day" celebration, complete with parade, and dedicated a rock in front of his lovely childhood home.

Apparently, it's not a moon rock.

 photo BuzzAldrinRock2_zps2f764f89.jpg

 photo BuzzAldrinRock3_zpsebfa89df.jpg

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Music Mondays: Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Back in the 1980s, there was a fresh new face on the music scene! Cyndi Lauper debuted her solo career with this instant classic!

It was so fun, fresh, and now that the day after I first saw that video I danced down to the record store in the mall and bought the album! Yes, a vinyl record!

When my mother first heard the song she said “they had to know it would be a hit!”

 "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" was written by Robert Hazard from a male point of view. Cyndi changed the lyrics a little (with Hazard’s permission) and turned it into a cheerful feminist anthem about female independence and living her life by her rules!

I became a Cyndi fan immediately! I still am.

So, let’s get the party started!

Here is the original video!

Ah, the 80s. The last fun decade.

That’s Cyndi’s real-life mom playing, well, her Mom, and wrestler Captain Lou Albano playing her Dad, and singer Steve Forbert playing her boyfriend at the end. That ending scene has a Marx Brothers like twist, right?

It’s such a fun video and great song! Nothing better than that!

Right Tina?

Cyndi had several other hits on her debut album and deservingly won the Best New Artist Grammy. Cyndi accepting her Grammy:

Only Cyndi would bring Hulk Hogan on stage with her. But her Mom’s in the audience looking thrilled. 

There is a great article on this song at The Atlantic.

The biggest hit was the follow up, "Time After Time", a song that Cyndi co-wrote. This song went to number one for two weeks! 

The video, of course, included many members of Cyndi's family and her friends.

The video was shot mostly in New Jersey: Roxbury Township (the now defunct Tom's Diner), Wharton (outside shots), and the train station in Morristown (got to get those Jersey plugs in!) 

Cyndi is still going strong! She won a Tony Award last year for her musical score to “Kinky Boots”! 

This is the very talented cast performing one of Cyndi's songs from the show at the Tony Awards: 

Have a musical week! 

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Great Adventure Theme Park and Rolling Thunder!

Great Adventure is a theme park in Jackson Township, New Jersey that opened in 1974 and still is open today.

The commercial above was televised in 1975 about a year after the park opened. It was not yet owned by Six Flags.

The ride I remember most is Rolling Thunder, a wooden rollercoaster that operated from 1979-2013. It was a sad day when it closed and was finally demolished. Rolling Thunder was so famous it even has its own Wikipedia page.

I wasn't fond of roller coasters than turned upside down which is why I preferred Rolling Thunder to Lightnin' Loops.

I do remember how Rolling Thunder would s-l-o-w-l-y climb up the tracks and poise for a breathless moment on top -- and then go racing down!

Here is a commercial for the new Rolling Thunder roller coaster in 1979!

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