Thursday, December 18, 2014

Judy Garland Christmas Special (1963)

This was a live pre-recorded Christmas special from 1963, starring the incomparable Judy Garland.  Joining Judy are her children -- a very young Liza Minnelli, Lorna Luft, and Joey Luft.  It was part of the short-lived The Judy Garland Show, a show Judy was never comfortable doing, although her incredible talent shines through.

The guest stars are the fine singers Mel Torme and Jack Jones, among others.

Since I am too young to have seen this special when it was originally on, I was delighted to discover it on YouTube!  What's interesting is that it includes the original commercials!

This show was made under difficult conditions. President Kennedy had been assassinated only weeks earlier, and the country was still in mourning.

Liza went on to a brilliant if erratic career as one of the few EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) winners. Lorna went on to be a singer/actress, and Joey worked mostly behind the scenes. There is an interesting article from this year about Joey where he reminisces about this show.

Tracy Everitt, the man who danced the "Steam Heat" number with Liza, has gone on to a fine performing and teaching career. He's from Hoboken, New Jersey!

There is an entertaining review of this show here.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Northlandz, Part II (With Dolls!)

 photo Northlandz16_zps936c365e.jpg
2,000 pipe organ which the Northlandz owner sometimes plays

Last week I told you about Northlandz, the model railroad located in Flemington, New Jersey. I showed you some trains and the spectacular scenery and settings that were created by the owner.

This week I will show you some other interesting parts of Northlandz.

Here is a Christmas village:

 photo Northlandz18_zpse5355b02.jpg
Christmas village

The World’s Only Toothpick Farm:

 photo Northlandz15_zps7fba66ec.jpg
The World's Only Toothpick Farm

There is a room where there is a control panel to run the trains on schedule.

 photo Northlandz17_zpsee9363b7.jpg
The Control Panel

And now, the DOLLS!

Northlandz contains a doll museum called La Peep Doll House, and very creative it is!

 photo Northlandz19_zps6ec102f7.jpg
La Peep Doll House

 photo Northlandz20_zps91e46716.jpg
La Peep Doll House Living Room

 photo Northlandz21_zps6568640e.jpg
La Peep Doll House jam session

 photo Northlandz22_zps3a8b3da2.jpg
La Peep Doll House

 photo Northlandz23_zpsa02f51df.jpg
La Peep Doll House dance

 photo Northlandz24_zps1f52bbc1.jpg
I spy Pee Wee Herman on the right

 photo Northlandz25_zps3e37350a.jpg
Old time chamber music group

 photo Northlandz26_zps3e4dbf32.jpg
I see Groucho Marx and Louis Armstrong. Are some of the others Marilyn Monroe  and Lucille Ball? Who is the second blonde?

 photo Northlandz27_zpsa9105fe8.jpg
Our Gang, a.k.a. The Little Rascals

 photo Northlandz28_zps472cde25.jpg
Rag Dolls

 photo Northlandz29_zps438df3ae.jpg
Raggedy Ann is the boss

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