Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Homecoming: A Christmas Story (1971)

This is the TV movie that started it all. This film, based on creator Earl Hamner's real-life family, aired in 1971. It was such a huge success that a series was created. That series, The Waltons, was expected to be a flop but ran for nine years.

All of the child actors in this film took part in the series, but most of the adult roles were re-cast, except for Ellen Corby in the role of Grandma Walton. This became her most iconic role.

I loved The Waltons - it became a Thursday night tradition for me. I really love The Homecoming: A Christmas Story. I hope that you will, too.

The video is separated in to two parts. This film is also available on DVD.

Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year! 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Celebrating Christmas in Chester

 photo ChesterNJChristmas2014-3_zps6412bd1f.jpg
Downtown Chester

The Chesters are two lovely and historic little towns. Yes, there are two Chesters, just as there are two Mendhams right nearby (this is typical of New Jersey). Despite some commercialization in the last few years, the Mendhams, Chesters and the whole area is delightfully rural, wealthy, peaceful, and beautiful. 

You might remember my post a few weeks ago about the beautiful Cooper Gristmill, which resides in Chester.

Chester Township, with a population of about 7000, completely surrounds Chester Borough, with a population of about 1600. After awhile, you are not sure which Chester you are in, since most addresses of businesses in the towns just say Chester. However, the majority of businesses are in Chester Township.

The Chesters (especially the Township) are famous for many farms, antique shops, great shopping, and many restaurants including the famous Sally Lunn’s Tea Room and Restaurant.

 photo ChesterNJChristmas2014-1_zps1dc93eb7.jpg
Black River Candy Shoppe (Those are the Dickens Christmas Carolers going inside)

 photo ChesterNJChristmas2014-2_zpsca795200.jpg
The Robin's Nest Restaurant

 photo ChesterNJChristmas2014-4_zpsffb63baa.jpg
Chester Antiques

 photo ChesterNJChristmas2014-5_zps35f5c5b9.jpg
Chester Antiques

 photo ChesterNJChristmas2014-6_zpsd7dbad35.jpg
38 Main Street

 photo ChesterNJChristmas2014-7_zpsd2aa75b8.jpg
World of Birds

 photo ChesterNJChristmas2014-8_zpsdc8e0104.jpg
Sally Lunn's Tea Room and Restaurant

 photo ChesterNJChristmas2014-9_zpsa14c9757.jpg
Sally Lunn's Tea Room and Restaurant

 photo ChesterNJChristmas2014-10_zpsddd61747.jpg
Sally Lunn's Tea Room and Restaurant

To read more about Chester, check out the delightful "I Love Chester" website.

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Happy Holidays, everyone!

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