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Thursday, March 26, 2015

You Deserve A Break Today!

McDonald’s is struggling nowadays in the market. Perhaps they should drop that idiotic campaign and extremely stale “I’m lovin’ it” and go back to this classic from the 1970s, with a new cast, of course.

Oh, I right they can’t, because for some stupid reason they lost the rights to the song.

Anyway, in this advertisement filled with very talented performers, I spy John Amos (appearing at the time in The Mary Tyler Moore Show and future father in Good Times), Anson Williams (future Potsie in Happy Days), John Wheeler (the manager with the operatic voice, I remember him singing operatically as part of Felix's opera club in The Odd Couple), Johnny Haymer, future actor in M*A*S*H ("Put a shine on the floor!”) and the wonderful character actor Robert Ridgely (with the clean burger machine!) 

I’m trying to figure out the others, especially the actor who opens the commercial. He looks familiar. 

This commercial was immensely successful and influential, and the best campaign McDonald’s ever had.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Wolves in New Jersey! The Lakota Wolf Preserve in Columbia

 photo LakotaWolfPreserveNJ4_zpsmozivtqu.jpg

The Lakota Wolf Preserve in Columbia, New Jersey is a special place. Wolves that were born in captivity are able to live out their lives in the beautiful outdoors. There are also bobcats and coyotes at Lakota. Wolves, and bobcats, and foxes, oh my! 

The couple who run Lakota are dedicated to their animals and have run the preserve for over 15 years. They take wonderful care of their animals and truly love them. They have been committed to educating the public about wolves. 

I’ve been there, and I can see how much they love their animals! 

The public can take wolf-watching tours – don’t worry, the wolves are behind fences. They will also howl on cue! 

The surroundings are beautiful. Columbia is actually part of Knowlton Township, in the Kittatinny Valley

I took these photos last October. Sadly, this winter has been a struggle for the preserve because of the terrible weather and other unexpected issues. Sometimes the preserve has been closed for weeks.

If you'd like to help, you can sponsor a wolf! There are other ways to help out, too. Check out their website and Facebook page, too, for some gorgeous photographs and more information! 

There is a wonderfully detailed description of how the wolf preserve got started here, and links to websites containing professional photos of the wolves! 

 photo LakotaWolfPreserveNJ2_zpsyoczpq4v.jpg
 photo LakotaWolfPreserveNJ3_zpstpr0y1rf.jpg
 photo LakotaWolfPreserveNJ9_zpsauwhtcs8.jpg
 photo LakotaWolfPreserveNJ1_zpsnrr3jtji.jpg
 photo LakotaWolfPreserveNJ5_zps1gd5tkeg.jpg
 photo LakotaWolfPreserveNJ8_zpsidqtwbfu.jpg
 photo LakotaWolfPreserveNJ7_zps2ck9dl8r.jpg
 photo LakotaWolfPreserveNJ6_zpskz6axtly.jpg
 photo LakotaWolfPreserveNJ10_zpsvcifgvtx.jpg
 photo LakotaWolfPreserveNJ11_zps27ejbzxy.jpg
 photo LakotaWolfPreserveNJ12_zpsdwyfibtv.jpg
 photo LakotaWolfPreserveNJ14_zpsrgjodgmt.jpg

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring! Spring! Spring!

I can't wait until the cherry blossoms are in bloom again!
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