February 18, 2014

Snow! Snow! Go Away!

 photo SnowInNewJersey1_zpsfdaeda5b.jpg

We are getting very, very tired of the excessive amounts of snow in New Jersey. 

While it is very pretty, and the trees look beautiful, and I don’t mind a snowfall or two, this is excessive. It is also getting on our last nerves. The snow seems to come every few days and just lands on top of what is already there. The previous snows haven’t melted because it has been too cold.

The last 3 years have been rough weather-wise in New Jersey: from Snowtober to Irene to Sandy, and now a ridiculous winter. Enough already!!!

I admit it. I am not a winter kind of girl. If winter would just keep its place, and just be around for January and then GO AWAY!!!

Yes, I am being all Grumpy Cat about it.

I want spring!!! I want cherry blossoms!!! I want tulips!!!

As you can see, the poor little trees below are tired of the snow, too.

 photo SnowInNewJersey2_zps0f3b0ff7.jpg

 photo SnowInNewJersey3_zps61d67060.jpg

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February 10, 2014

Offbeat Places in New Jersey #1: Shop-Rite in West Caldwell

 photo ShopRiteWestCaldwell1_zps9d66eb5b.jpg

The ShopRite supermarket in West Caldwell, New Jersey is unique. 

First of all, it must be an old ShopRite, because it still has the hyphen in the name.

According to a January 31st article in The Chronicle of Higher Education: 

In American advertising lingo, rite makes mite. Or maybe might. The ShopRite grocery chain is the first rite I can remember. ShopRite is a postwar neologism; for a while in the fifties and sixties, the name was spelled with a hyphen (Shop-Rite), after which the logo lost its hyphen but kept the internal cap. 

Even more interestingly, whoever built or designed this ShopRite made it with an Asian theme. I've been told that the owner at the time really liked Asian style. Not only does the front of the store have an Asian theme, but it even has endearing matching phone booths! One of the phone booths still has a working phone. 

Even on the inside, the Asian theme continues. I blatantly took pictures with my camera on the outside, but I don’t think I’m supposed to take photos inside the store, so I sneaked around the store taking took the last two photos with my cell phone.

 photo ShopRiteWestCaldwell2_zps7c069ebd.jpg

 photo ShopRiteWestCaldwell3_zps240f0abf.jpg

 photo ShopRiteWestCaldwell4_zps34b1a593.jpg

 photo ShopRiteWestCaldwell5_zpscd68831b.jpg

 photo ShopRiteWestCaldwell6_zps0103d5e3.jpg

 photo ShopRiteWestCaldwell7_zpse8a8b471.jpg

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February 1, 2014

The Super Bowl Is In New Jersey!

I love New York! I really do! It is my favorite large city. 

I've spent a great time in NYC in my life, and I love it. 

But despite what the NFL and the City of New York are trying to do, The Super Bowl is in New Jersey! 

Now, I completely understand that most fans are staying in New York City. The area around the stadium where The Big Game is being played is hardly a tourist mecca, although there are some very nice towns near MetLife Stadium

There are far more hotel rooms in NYC. It will give a chance for fans to see New York. There are many wonderful things to do in New York.

The actual game, however, is being played in New Jersey.

Take that NFL!


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